Check in

Time check… it has been a while since my last posting. In this new year post, much have changed. People leaving the organization, changes to leadership, loved ones contracting serious illnesses etc. And it all comes down to one thing, aging… events as the one that i had just pointed are things that are not preventable. We will not know when or where it will happen, but the only thing that we can be certain about, is how do I react towards when it matters.

In this new year, i have challenged myself, when the outlook is bleak, i must find ways to turn things around, either to look for opportunities within the negativity of events or to try to make positivity out of it. These are the principles that i hold myself accountable.

Recently, i was captivated by a book on extreme ownership and it had enlightened me to take up responsibility for any mishaps that had happened to me or the people under me.

I have decided to take up the mettle and not blame it on others for the setbacks. The question that i pose to myself in the event of a problem, “how can i, as a person and leader make things better for my leaders and family.” I shall abide to these principles and will not veer off from it.

Let’s hope that for this new year, though filled with great uncertainties and troubles, will not stop your flame from burning strong.

Instead of being the trouble be the solution instead. – the nomad 15th February 19


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