It has been awhile… am going through abit of thinking and reflection first before i continue to write.

Today I managed to sit through a lecture from MIT and it was mind blowing. The way the lecture was delivered by their esteemed professor just increases my interest on the subject.

Maybe i felt that way because I felt priviledged to be part of the top 1% of the world’s brightest and most capable. The lecture was to me, just like any other lecture. The words spoken were easy to absorb and never alien to me. And i pondered…

Why am I not in MIT? The curriculum is like any other schools that i have been to but what was impeccable was the delivery and presentation of the topic. It was the power of communication. Breaking down the most complex of topics into bite size where the common population understands. That’s what makes the difference between an Ivy League university to just any other.

I am ashamed of myself. I am a true believer of communications. No communication, no life and we would have lived in total isolation. The professor had displayed a mastery in delivering a logical and easy to understand lecture which was extracted from the most complex and mind bothering issue of today: computer security and its threats. Alien as it seemed to the industries in 2018, but to this guy, it is like it has always been.

I had witnessed magic and it had given me inspiration to want to be an ala mata of MIT. Now i know why everyone fights just to get themselves into that school. Paying top dollar to witness the delivery of its curriculum. I am not going to touch on its lesson plan in this post but to share the eureka moment that i have encountered today.

Just magnificent. Thanks MIT for sharing a glimpse on what the world’s brightest is going through. And that we are all the same species (there was a point in time that i thought the brightest were aliens and were out of this world).

Thanks for the open source lectures.

Since they are human, do they go through the same pain as us.

Hell ya they do.

Pain is empowerment of oneself to do something and want something.


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