More pain more gain

Take the war to where it hurts most.

When fear hits, let it hurt even more.

Through fear and terror.. may one find true strength and courage to go through it all.

The more I am afraid of doing something, the more I would want to do it.

I have gotten someone to be part of my team. Someone who is widely feared by many but may prove useful to the cause of the whole organization.

If i fail because of this person. If the project stops and is unable to proceed forward because of this person. Then somewhere along the line must have gone wrong. It will help us to keep focus to the main objective. It may be tough but it is definitely good.

As the user, her presence adds on great value to the cause. For both at the National level and at my company’s level. So why should I fear her? She is doing a favour for us and for the entire organization.

Although the feedback that i have gotten is negative about her. Although it will be difficult I will need to practice more faith and patience. Lots of it.

This may be a career ending move. I may somehow become enemy number one. I need to see this for myself. That I have tried and in doing so if i fail. Then yes at least i have tried.

Bon voyage my friend and I hope to see you on the other side may it be for the worst or for the best.

Dear God my future is in your hands.

Peace out.

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