Being ashamed

It was just today that i was told that i should be ashamed of myself on how much i am earning today.

At 30, people are earning $15000 a month. What a comparison. It is so easy to entrap myself in thoughts of self pity and perpetual disappointment.

Wow, with $15000 a month, what could i do with it? Buy a nice car, go for nice holidays etc… all the good things in life. Is that what i really want?

A good friend of mine just shared the ikigai ideology on happiness.

Now what i want is, to take care of my family. But it aint easy with a wife who requires the above mentioned. It is hard to always shun away her claims of getting a car and or travelling to nice holidays. I have to always assure her that i am putting all the efforts necessary to get there. Sadly she has her doubts. The requirement she has for me is… to earn more than her. At this point i am only about 1/2 way there in terms of earning power. What happened? I can take a laid back attitude and blame it on my poor decisions or bad luck and poor opportunity.


If i sit back and drown myself in self pity, i will definitely put myself in a cyclical mode of being a failure.


So what now? Focus… focus.. take the clutter out of my life and put forth what i believe will be the goal of my life.

Where are you right now? What are you going to do about it? If you dont do anything about it, you will definitely fail. This is just a temporary setback. It will not define you until you let it.

Stay strong and soldier on. Find ways to look to a solution and never, NEVER, let your situation beat you down into a pulp. Take the hits and keep moving forward.

Believe in yourself. No one else will tell you or convince you of who you are. No one will know you better than yourself. Dont let them put a finger in your face and tell you that you are no good. Tell them that you bloody hell am the best chance of giving this run a good one!

Cheerios and fight on!

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