Life’s tough

It is bad, it is filled with pain, it is miserable. If you let it get to you, you are finished.

Gone. Hopeless. Just as good as dead. Life’s bleak.

The only way is to accept it. No way around it. No matter how hard one tries to avoid it, it just gets back at you.

So how?

Tempted to cry and blame it on my parents for bringing me into this sick world of suffering. Maybe there is a parallel dimension that lives happier people. Maybe Amsterdam? Finland? The world’s most liveable cities?

Snap out of it. The people in those places are miserable too, it is just that they dont show it.

The remedy? A radical solution is required. Believe in misery, rejection and lost. Need them. In fact run towards them. Look to them for the answers that we so desire.

We need misery to appreciate thr goodness in life.

We need rejection to know what matters most.

We need lost to know what is important.

So why fear them?

We need challenges to grow, to be better in what we do.

When i started this blog, i wanted to share with you, my readers, all the small nuggets of eureka moments that i had learnt through trying times.

And if you are suffering right now, please be thankful for the opportunity presented to you to under go the suffering. It means to say that you are alive. Maybe pinch yourself alittle; but dont make your skin into a bruise.

Do you feel anything? If you do, that means you are human. If not, please get it checked out cos you are a walking dead.

Suffering is not a negative connotation of your situation, instead it is the only way that we are able to differentiate ourselves from animals.

Like it or not we are here to suffer.

Misery is a gift.


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