I am damaged goods. My journey so far has not been smooth sailing.

I landed up in debt so that i can give my family the best.

I failed in my work and am not liked by my bosses.

And because of this, i am where i am right now.

Under paid, under appreciated etc..

I have accepted every little flaw of my silly life.

Does it affect my pride? Does it affect the way i feel about myself? Actually yes…

I feel more empowered to make things right.

If i turn back time, would i do it all over again.


I pride on the fact that i have always taken the unbeaten path. I did it for a purpose and it wasnt for any of the 7 deadly sins. It was for family.

I am a slow learner so what?

In my last posting i spoke about patience. I had practiced patience during my school days. And i am called to do so yet again. But things are much different. There are bills to be paid, responsibilities to uphold. Not as easy as before.

I took stock of reality and accepted it for what it is. It is only with this awareness that i am able to lunge out forward towards what really matters.

Climbing the corporate ladder doesnt matter anymore. Instead, whats more important is to sustain what interests me and my curiosity of the world.

I am intrigue in people management and the development of technology. Riding on these waves it have brought about meaning in my life. Though frustrating at times, it comes as a package.

I have accepted the flaws to my interests.

With this acceptance, i will do my best to achieve the dream that i so desire.

Eventually it is to bring about a good life for my family. Nothing else matters more importantly than this.

My wife is doing better than me and she is contributing more. I cannot allow her to be the only one fronting this. I need to do my part.

If i am unable to do so now, i better do so in the future. Work hard, learn hard. Do better.

Soldier on!!!


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