Fight like a loser

Such an oxymoronic title. Shouldnt be fighting a like a loser would have meant remaining a loser? Well that depends on how you see it. I do have to admit that i am a loser but at least i am still fighting. What am i fighting for?

Fighting for liberation out of this cycle of failure.

Just keep trying and if all goes well, i can somehow smell what it feels like to be no more a loser. I feel empowered with hope everytime i am met with setbacks and challenges, at least i know that i have another day to fight. And i will need to continue to fight as i need to uphold the momentum. It is just like running a marathon.

Even how it hurts or how bad it gets, i need to fight.

Life’s tough and if you think otherwise or if you start to victimised yourself or if you are wondering why others are doing better and comparing yourself, then you are in the midst of allowing life to get back at you. You are allowing life to run you, to control you.

I am guilty of allowing life to hit me at times. But it is not how hard you get hit but how hard you get hit and keep moving forward and how much you can take and keep moving forward. Quote from rocky the movie.

Getting affected by life, friends and family is normal. If you are not and you think you are immune, please get yourself checked out.

Bring alive is not about getting all the best things in life, instead, it should have the following:

1. To feel hurt so that we know what is valuable in life.

2. To be priviledged so that we can empathize with the under privilege.

3. To win so that we know how it feels like to lose.

I had a small quarrel with a colleague recently and i felt that it was good to raise up to the challenge to point out that his personality is destructive to the people around him. His remarks of me not doing my work, was hurtful and uncalled for especially after a long week running events. Inorder to give him a taste of his medicine, i spiked him. We were counselled for our actions but i grew in empathy for him after knowing of his shortcomings.

He is a veteran in the field and i chose to fight back for what i think is uncalled judgement. I felt a need to as i felt that he was out to bully and was not a team player. I had to act.

I had to fight. I had made the decision to confront the allegation. I will need to accept and and bare the consequences that is the result from it. Accept it and move on.

As they always say that i am a fighter.


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