Take a step back

I am currently doing a project that is for myself. Took up the challenge, planned the whole process. Sought for the necessary approvals. Done and now when i attempt to garner support from an external entity as part of the process. I have been shot down.

I was deemed to have done poorly in my staff work for not finding out information before hand. My name has been repeated over and over again for not finding this or that and not briefing the various forums with the relevant information.

Hmm.. pretty out of hand and seems like this particular person that i am trying to work with is all out to smear my name with accusations.

Lesson 1: I accept that i have done poorly. Thanks for the privilege. I will learn from it.

This experience has revealed to me something of the dynamics in my department. The blue eyed people i called them. Apart from the scholars, this blued eye people are the ones favoured by the bosses and their words meant more than anyone else.

Lesson 2: I am not favoured.

Although i do know from the start that this is the case. I wanted to fight. To try to win the hearts of my bosses. But i failed. Failure is hard to swallow nonetheless. But inorder to venture out of misery. I need to accept it and then climb out of it to success. This is what success is all about.

Lesson 3: Noise

All of this is noise. What matters is that this project, regardless on who takes it up , will eventually be rolled out. Thats professionalism. I need to let it go if required. Since i am not the favoured one.

Peace my friend and look to better days ahead.

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