Turning tables

My boss is difficult to handle. Some people say that it is because he doesnt know what he wants. Or even have the morale courage to stand up for his own employees. His team, his people. He was always seen packing left overs from a buffet spread after events. A peculiar behaviour that detest even his own bosses. Until now he doesnt tell us why he does certain things, no one will understand why he does it. Just like my dad who always places his sister first before his own family.

As a leader for so many years, since primary school days, i have always hoped that i have a team who will look out my well being, especially so when my life and their life is at stake. We have no choice but to…

Work as a team.

To stand ready and to resolve any situation and not to place blame on others so easily in the midst of adversity.

Theres something about my father’s generation that appauls me. They are not strong enough to take hits.

Like my bosses and parents who were born between 1958 to 1973, they tend to be more conservative and refuse to take on challenges. And if there is something to blame, they will take it out on someone else like a scape goat.

And so in view that they are expressing themselves in such a manner, i have decided to take the following action.

1. Annoy them. I will just keep doing my best in what i do and to continue even if the thing that i am doing doesnt make sense to them. Anyway my boss will change in due course.

2. Do what i feel is best for myself. The key word is myself. No longer will i be bothered by why my boss packs leftovers from buffets. Instead, it should be coffee shop talk more than anything else.

3. Learn from these lessons and make sure that it doesnt happen to my family.

Wish me the best of luck as these decisions that i make, is a point of no return. Well at least i am willing to accept the fate that i am a no-body in this forsaken land and working as a nobody somehow takes the burden off my shoulder for the need to try too hard, to always make sure that i abide by the cultural rules placed upon me.

Welcome to MY cultural revolution.

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