Horrible staff work

This is bad staff work! Exclaims my boss. And i have been black marked because of this comment. Am i affected? Well writing this post probably insinuates that i am. Rest assure that i am not.

Lost but won.

I have learnt from this experience. An experience that many would not want to venture into. If my immediate supervisor so takes the credit for my hardwork. So be it. It is the culture and nature of my organization. The important thing to note is.


I have accepted my destiny that this is the manner that this place is. Nonetheless the delight i take out of all this politics are some bite size winnings.

I dont expect to have a pat on my shoulder for the hard work put into this project neither am i expecting a promotion thereafter. What i am expecting is my monthly pay cheques. This is my life. Maybe toblearn a new skill once in a while. That is good enough.

I have embarked on another adventure and i am really excited about it. Everyday when i am engaged in it, it provides me with added confidence.

Does it matter that my boss hates me? Nah not at all. I will just continue to press him to hate me more time after time and annoying him. Now thats delight.

Until maybe, he tells me to leave. I am fine. Have a good evening.

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