Difficult colleagues

They may have their own story. They may be burnt at their own end and i am not privy to their history. However does it give them the reason to be less empathetic towards their own fellow colleagues? Something tells me that there is more than meets the eye for these colleagues of mine. What makes it even more interesting is that they believed in a group logic.

When tasked with a challenger, they will gang up and attempt to take down the adversary. There’s something about loyalty here that is rather intriguing. However, with a email to her, she is softer and less intimidating. Though i must say that it is easy to say that they are bullies however i may have found the most closest clique in my department.

It may somehow be constructive to explore the basis of this strong bind that this group has. Maybe perhaps it is their bosses ability to defend them from doing more work that has earned her reliability and loyalty.

It may not be the correct attitude that my organization is attempting to imbue in all staff. But i sense the leadership to be strong here. Let me continue to poke further and test the binds in the group. If the group eventually does take on the work and does it willingly after knowing that they have given their fight. Then i have found my answer.

This is an eureka moment!


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