The Mantra


How to build this strength/ personality? How to go about ensuring that we will be prepared for all the ensuing challenges? It is with confidence.

Confidence gives us the empowerment and strength to face all challenges. It is like standing at the edge of the ledge and knowing that you will be fine even though you are faced with a predicament of falling off  and getting killed. But being able to capture that photo of a lifetime and earning some bragging points may somewhat become an achievement worth dieing for. In fact I rather know that I had died trying to accomplish something that I am proud of doing , rather than not doing anything at all.

In the new world, it is not about living. It is about achievements, accolades and how I can go about acquiring them with these 2 hands, to change the world. Just like how Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jack Ma had done so. They are achievers, do you think you can be like them? Sure hell you can.

Now that is proper MERITOCRACY.

Solid achievements are always ventured out by individuals who believes in the unbeaten path. Scholars, are no longer persons who i deemed highly. They are just people with a certain tag line or occupational appointment placed upon them. Eventually, they will be just another person on the streets and they don’t matter too if they continue to depend on the system to climb the ladder. Such as back stabbing their peers to earn their supervisor’s respect etc. In the new world, this is no longer a sustainable approach. Instead, doing things differently, becoming rebellious, are traits that is welcomed and appreciated. Doing things differently takes courage and lots of effort to achieve new benchmarks. We are, naturally, LAZY. We are always hoping to take the easy way out. But is been lazy going to get you to where you want to be? Well honestly, if you continue LAZY, and you die knowing that you have not achieved anything. YOU DESERVED EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT.

This world is unforgiving. And you need to know that it is so. Like it or not, you will need to build the defenses, the capability to withstand any challenges, to be prepared for calamity that will call at your door and look it in the eye, with confidence and tell it, BRING IT ON, I AM ALL READY FOR YOU. In the manner of how you tell it, with sheer confidence, it will give you the added momentum required to spring yourself into action.

The challenge can smell your fear. So the more fear that you project towards the challenge, the more tough it will get. If the challenge gets tougher than it used to be, it may bring about more pain than usual. Trust me, i do express fear too and it does get more painful at times. However, the most important point is that i do not take flight. No matter how hard it gets, WE FIGHT!

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