Yearning for pain and suffering

Why stop pain and suffering ? Since we cant prevent them from happening. Instead how then can we use it for our benefit.

I have since embraced this ‘unpleasantries’. In fact I have begun to enjoy every moment of it. The discomfort, awkwardness, fear, disappointment… all the negativity. Take them all, and paint a smiley face over them.. and i will thank them for their company.

All these negative feelings have given me the opportunity to feel alive, to be human. When I say alive, it allows me to challenge myself to survive, to become better, to achieve something beyond my imagination.

“To be the best you have to be one. Live like one.”

No longer am I chasing praises of people. Instead I am running my own race. However, if I get a companion to pursue the way of excellence, I would thank him/her for being part of the journey. Nonetheless, I am also fine going by this life of mine alone.

My life, my story, my way of telling it.

In order for one to have stories to tell, they must experience them first hand. It cannot be from a 3rd party point of view. It needs to be very personal. Embarrassing moments, prideful ones, the more exciting it is the better it gets. The greater the challenge (I.e. increased fear, high chances of failing etc) the greater the rewards.

So why waste time, putting in the effort on mediocre challenges. The challenge must be impactful, our or my greatest fear.

So what’s your greatest fear? Admit it, accept it and enjoy it. You can say I have the maniac disorder, however this is in fact what life is about.

The journey.. how you want to live out this journey it is really up to you. Your call.

Hopefully you would have discovered your fear and have managed to achieve the realization of thriving amidst uncertainty and fear.

May you grow to become the greatest.

The Nomad


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