Never look back

Accept where you are and what you are going to be.

I chose the path less taken. It ain’t going to be easy. It ain’t going to be comfortable. I will be met with challenges that I will never expect to be faced with. Going beyond the shores of comfort and pushing the boundaries of the norm. Difficult, tough and challenging, still, I am tasked to thrive through it all. Persevere and achieve.

I will be met with the fears that I once hoped that I will never need to meet. I am to embrace them and to use them to my advantage. If I indulge in the fear, it will lead me to death and suicide henceforth, for the sake of my survival, I need to continually grow, to learn and to progress. If ever one day i am required to do mundane tasks. I am thus working towards death and my life surely will be meaningless. I shall not live meaninglessly.

Instead, I yearn for challenges, fears and pain. The more it is, the better it gets.

What’s your challenge today?

Work on improving oneself so that we can face up to insistent challenges and the ever need to seek for excellence.

Never back down.

Cheers. May you find your challenge so that you will grow towards strength and confidence.


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