About People: The search of the X Factor

We are all social beings.. it is inevitable that people are part of our lives.

Just yesterday someone shared with me that he is worried about peer evaluation and that jealously may rob him of his chance to be who he wants to be. In the same vein, another person had told me to remain low profile if success ever finds me. I did some serious thinking and have come to a conclusion.

What’s your X factor? Can someone rob you of that unique skill, trait or personality? Or if you allow them to do so?

And so heres my answer.

Find your X factor. Be your X factor. Trust your X factor. Have faith and one day your karma will be recognized. Dont allow others to dictate who you want to be or am going to be. Drive yourself towards the goal of your X factor and keep polishing the skill. Read books, go to conferences, meet other liked minded persons, just take the next step forward. It may take awhile but at least you can wake up the next new day knowing that at least you are working towards your own X factor. It is not going to be easy, if it is easy everyone can be as such that’s why the X factor is so unique, so rewarding and so important for all of us who so wants to do our best during our time.

Our time is limited so tell yourself who you are going to be and what you want to be. No more shall we be led by what other people think. We need to lead ourselves basing on our own righteousness, confidence, self determination and grit towards who we want to become.

When it gets hard, we cannot and should not blame others but instead take to stride that these are challenges and they are here to make us stronger more versatile, more agile. More confident.

Let us make a decision today.

Dont let others steal your X factor, demand that your X factor is solely yours and work towards it. You are different, you are unique, this world is is a mean place and it will do whatever it takes to keep you down permanently but if we allow it to keep us down, it is our choice and not because of anyone else.

To be honest, I do at times contemplate wanting to blame others as it takes much lesser effort then sitting down and to work out a solution. Nonetheless, blaming others would make me weak whereas self realization brings about conviction and confidence, which I choose the latter.

I hope you too can find the X factor of yours and live life to the fullest. I do warn you that it is going to tough. But I can assure you that the more challenging it gets the more feel good you will have once you strive over it.

Cheers and may you find your X Factor.


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