Motherhood statement: “change is the norm”

Sometimes it’s hard to swallow and comprehend it’s TRUE meaning. In essence, what it suggests is, are you or am I ever ready when it comes to call.

To be honest, it is painful but essential, critical to what we need to achieve in life. Hence never ready but have to make ready. It takes effort.

With the current mindset that I have administered to myself, looking back, I would have done things differently. If there is someone who could just share this mindset with me, I would have agreed with friends and lost fewer. Well this mindset cant guarantee that there will be zero losses. However, it would have minimised the losses. It has granted me freedom from the self blame and has given me conviction towards a certain cause. This is the beauty, the imperfect perfection.

Looking back, I want to thank all the people whom had rejected me, who had given me the chances and opportunity to enjoy of their company. There is a few on my mind that I would really want to seek forgiveness. Nonetheless, I want them to be happy and to live full, meaningful lives.

Have a blessed day and may you find what you seek. Peace out.

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