Medal of Valor

Putting others before oneself and going beyond the call of duty.

These are the thoughts that resonates in me whilst I acquire the knowledge on the biography of men who had done extraordinary things whilst putting their lives on the line and when called to duty.

Some may think that this is only applicable only during war time but I beg to differ.

Day to day during peace time, no matter where we are, we are in a struggle. In a struggle for survival and in a struggle to maintain what little peace we can get our hands on. We struggle within ourselves to give our best to our loved ones and struggle to see that they get the best treatment ever.

The constant struggle in itself is a reminder that we are at war with ourselves. Constantly reaffirming our actions and putting other before self. Regardless of the consequences. In peacetime we can be reassured that the chances of losing our lives is kept to a minimum if a bad decision is made. However so, a bad decision can cause considerable pain.

So in valor and gallantry, are we ready to accept the consequences of our day to day actions regardless of it being good or bad. Are we able to accept the outcome and move on from it? This is even if the society deems it as taboo. If it is for our personal selves, who will be able to understand our situation?

‘Each of us are made unique. Our lives, destiny and karma are different and special to each one of us’

We cannot expect that another will somehow come to an awareness of our situation after much explaining. This is our journey and ours alone. No point in explaining but living it and working on it, matters. If I am able to save 30 percent of my time working on it and explaining to someone who will never understand, i would have achieved more than less.

Respect oneself before others. If we do not expect others to understand us we shall not expect ourselves to understand another. Henceforth, it is critical that we accept that others are also experiencing their own wars and will do so to fight with courage and valor. It is not about how much the extent or the type of valor, it is whether we have done our part to see through the most challenging tasks of our lives. Even if we know that the odds are not in our favour, we still proceed to do our part to ensure that our loved ones are given the best. The courage and the conviction to proceed as per normal…. is a form of valor.

Let’s do something for honor today.


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