I am unimportant to this world and to anyone. I have small significance in my efforts for a bigger picture. I am a nobody. Agree! So what! There needs to be an affirmation to make this life fulfilling.

My wife doesn’t love me. My daughter will turn up as a spoilt brat. Great that the missus has decided to take on the blame if that were to happen. Nonetheless my life’s meaningless. What’s there to look forward to?

Yes finally my old adversaries are paying a visit to me. It is a good thing that I have to revisit my convictions. If my family gives up on me what should I be looking forward to? A broken marriage and a lousy pay package.

The mental model:

The broken marriage

Well with a broken marriage it will mean that I have more chance to be more risk adverse. I can be better in what I can do. I can do and live better. Ok sure.. divorce will be a good thing after all… it is because of the missus that I am being held down. So I am happy if it doesn’t work out. I am no longer going to try so hard to hold things together. So be it!

Low pay

With the lost of my family, naturally more time should be spent to be better in what I do and can do. I should devote my 101% to work my ass off to increase my human capital and confidence.

And so, I welcome the divorce so that I can focus my whole in my life and no longer waste my time in insignificant things like trying to make my wife and daughter happy which will not ever happen. Well as a father I do at times feel sad and miss these days. But all well, i accept my fate and believe that the wife is difficult and she is always looking for someone who earns millions..

I am insignificant but bring it on. I am no longer fearful. I will not let fear take me on and rule me. If this blog is opened for nothing so be it. The well being of my daughter is my wife’s and no longer mine.

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