Snippets of my life

Just this morning, the wife had made it harder to start the day right. Do i allow her to get into my head and make it bad?

I have a great day ahead of me. I will be collecting my cert and transcript, a system needs my review and i will be getting my crown done (which i have paid much for)

And so not worth it to allow her to affect me. It is a full on day. And so. I take a step back and move away from her toxicity.

Review: what happened.

1. Daughter sees spoilt toy asks for batteries and when told it is spoilt, she throws a fit.

2. Whilst throwing a fit, she hits the maid.

3. Mother in law is coming to pick the daughter up.

In view of pts 1 to 3, the wife is upset and she is taking out on me. Sigh… marriage is. Still there is a limit to the tantrums she throws at me and moving away from her works.

I have accepted that she is my wife and she is entitled to do this to me. Sad but well life is.

Hopefully she feels better at the end of the day. Am looking forward to it.


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