Others are better

My dad has a peculiar preference in the manner on how he treats his own family. Others are indeed better.

His siblings are more important than his own immediate family, the guy who drove the taxi was more correct than i was. (I was alleged to have slammed his car door and he got out of his taxi, started yelling. My dad just told me to apologize but i remained firm and refused to do so as i claimed innocence.)

Somehow i dont really quite understand the rational behind his believes and why he would think this way.

Yes it frustrates and annoys me. Till today he does the same thing to my mother. Now that i have moved out of the house as i have my own place, he continues to bully my mother. My mother is prone to fall ill as she is a cancer survivor. And so she was under the weather the last few days. Nonetheless, under the request from his beloved sister, my mother was told to cook up a feast on her behalf for this Saturday’s prayers. And they are to deliver the food items to her on Sunday. It sickens me that my mother who is not all feeling well is to be exploited this way. And my mother obliges and father allows his sister to abuse her.

I bet that my father will carry his secret with him to the grave and not give me an explaination why he treats us this way.

It does affect me at times. However, i cant change the fact that he is my dad. Like how i cant change my bosses. And so i have to accept my fate. I admit, i dont know the truth and shouldnt try to ask for it as he will not tell me.


More importantly, this is a lesson for me to learn. I am also a father now. I cannot and will not allow my family to be used by others.

I am the guardian of my household. If any stranger chooses to put their hands into ny house and attempts to take control of its affairs, they will have to face my wrath. This is in contrast of how my own dad treats us and i know how detrimental it is when the head of household chooses to back down in times of struggle and need. I cant let this happen to my family.

My daughter and wife needs a father who is loyal and stands firm ready to defend and protect them from any adversity who attempts to disrupt the harmony in my household. In my family, i have the say on how it goes and how it should be especially in terms of safety and providence.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY and i owe it to my loved ones under my care. Of all the 20 over something years, this is a crucial lesson that i have learnt and cannot forget.

May you also find strength for your loved ones.


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