The Nomad

There is no need to know exactly who i am. To put it simply, i am just not worth it.

My intent and purpose of this blog is to tell you that you are not alone in your struggles.

Life is a b***h. Suffering of pain is the only constant in this life. There is no alternative. Do you regret been born in the 1st place? Do you even have a choice? So admit it and follow me through this journey. Together lets embrace the beauty of struggle of pain in every aspect of life.

It is through this pain that we discover strength, conviction and empowerment. And everytime an enlightenment hits us, it will grant us confidence to move forward.

This stories that i share are the enlightening moments that i have experienced. They are real and personal.

I admit that i am weak and stupid to the extent that i need this blog. From this weakness may you find strength.

You are looking for answers about pain. I may just have them for you.

Cheers and may we all grow stronger and bolder together!


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