Pain of the day: Daughter hits Grand Dad and Grand Mum.

My daughter just kept repeating that she hits my dad and my mom. It was repetitve. My wife didnt stop her. Instead, she opined that my daughter was seeking attention, hence we should not react to her. Immediately after, i left the room. Called my mum and gave her a shelling on why she should not encourage my daughter’s behaviour. Guess what, it fell on deaf ears. What can i do ? Nothing. It is out of my control and i cant see that.

The PAIN: knowing the fact that she hits my parents, failure to be filial sets in. Ego bruising. Thinking from another perspective, is it wrong for her to hit my parents? Ironically, my parents finds it amusing and allows her to hit them. And so the crux of the issue is, they DESERVE it. My daughter is not allowed to hit my parents under my watch and she is aware  of it. This little kiddo is more intelligent then i had expected.

Another day of embracing pain and accepting the situation as it is. Crap my ego always gets the better of me. Get out of my head, ego.

Although i do think that i am somewhat like ONeil sometimes but i can at times be only human. This is no excuse for me to let my guard down nonetheless.

PAIN 1 : The Nomad 0

May it be a better day! Forge Ahead Soldier!

If i could do it all over again:

Drop the ego. Take 3 breathes, hug my daughter and tell her nicely, hitting grand dad and grand mum will just be hurting daddy. It is not nice. Hmm.. will that work on a toddler’s mind? Well at least i have tried.

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