Entry # 2: The Ideal State

The society echoes: “You need to be a scholar. You need to hold onto a job with at least an annual income of $100 K.”

Hi, I am an Arts graduate what can i do to be able to earn this amount of income. No $100 k, no money, no honey. Some people say that 5Cs, namely car, condominium, credit card, club membership and cash.

After working for 6 over years, my annual income is at a mediocre sum of $70 K, $30 K shy of the $100 K. The society thus deem me as a failure. Did i try hard enough? Did i really want it so bad to be deemed as successful by this society? Is this really what I wanted? Sure with that amount of money life will certainly be much more comfortable. Am i being greedy?

Far from reaching my goal and the society humming in my ear of my failure.

I have decided to take the leap from the ledge and KILLED myself.

What is the ideal state?

Allowing the society to lead you by the nose is certainly not the ideal state. I am thankful for the culture brought in by the West. You guys rock. Somehow, the traditional Chinese culture is pretty backward with regards to occupation. The Chinese culture always talks about having a stable job and a family. In this time and age, someone can be travelling and is still being able to earn a living whilst doing so. Most importantly, this guy is living the life. Imagine exploring the world in 80 days, at your own time and having the money to do so. In the past, you must be royalty for you to be affluent enough for a world wide road trip.

How did this even happen? I am not saying that the culture that i belonged to is all bad, in fact i still am practicing filial piety, even though i have blamed my parents for their hindsight. It is kind of complicated and more like a love and hate relationship.

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